Mute Compulsion is available in English, Danish and German, and forthcoming in Spanish, French and Arabic in 2024.

“An instant classic. The best introduction to Marx’s thought in any language.” – Aaron Benanav

“Written with verve and clarity, analytically sharp and dialectically shrewd in equal measure, Mute Compulsion reinvigorates historical materialism for the mid-twenty-first century. Through close readings of Marx and critical dialogues with contemporary theory, it throws up fresh insights for a new generation of Marxists, as well as for long-time connoisseurs. A big red book to cherish.” – Andreas Malm

Mute Compulsion puts a definitive end to accusations of economic reductionism levelled against Marx through an argument which is both complex, and yet very simple. By proposing that capital’s domination operates through a form of economic power that subordinates our everyday life, Mau underscores the need to throw our gaze not only at what happens in the workplace, but particularly outside of it. A tour de force through some of the key Marxist concepts and debates.” – Sara R. Farris


Stummer Zwang

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EXIT!: Der gewöhnliche Gang der Dinge aus dem Schlupfloch. Eine Lektüre der theoretischen Grundannahmen von Sören Maus “Stummer Zwang” (French translation in Juggernaut #4) ‘Die Schublade der ökonomischen Macht aufräumen

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